Friday, October 3, 2014

Lunch With Preston

With Brad between jobs we decided to take advantage and meet Preston for lunch at school! Good thing to since Brad found a new job this afternoon!

Of course I race around trying to pick Preston up Carl's Jr as a special surprise and we get there and he just wants to eat the lunch I packed for him.  Whatevs.

He was pretty excited we were there for lunch! 

Olivia had fun sitting like a big girl too!

I can't believe how fast lunch goes by!  I knew that it wasn't super long.  But being there for it really showed be how quick the twenty minutes they get flies!

My favorite boy!

It was fun getting to see who Preston sits with at lunch and see how he eats his lunch.  Priorities like fruit snacks go first.  The actual fruit, strawberries even, didn't make the cut today.

The bell was getting ready to ring and I wanted a photo of all of us!  Close enough!

Preston is ALL about recess so he was like are we done with this photo thing yet because it's time for me to go outside now.  I think maybe next time we'll stick around for recess too!

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