Wednesday, October 29, 2014

First Round Trick Or Treating

A college near us organizes a totally awesome trick or treat event!  This is our first year attending and we were so excited.

Preston might have started off more excited than Olivia!

Preston as Snake Eyes!

I told him to smile and he told me that since he's wearing a mask you can't tell if he is or isn't.  Smart ass.  Looks like he found his way out of smiling for photos.

Olivia wasn't feeling it at first.  She had fallen asleep in the car and woke up cranky.  Add in the scary costumes while we waited for the trick or treat tour to start and she was not a happy girl.

Luckily she started to warm up!  I think Spiderman, err Ryan, helped.

How stinkin' cute is Olivia dressed up as a kitty!  I seriously couldn't get over how cute she looked.

I stumbled across her costume on Pinterest and knew she had to be a cat!  I read the directions and was all I totally got this.  Hit up Michael's.  Came home and looked at the directions again and realized no way I did not have a clue what I was doing.  So I called Kelly and she agreed to come over and help me!  Thank God!

Olivia was sharing her fishie crackers with baby Bradley.  She insisted on feeding them to him after a few.

The way the trick or treating works is that you organize into groups and then are led around the dorms by the students.

We're off!

Olivia was a little hesitant at first.  But after a few rooms she realized they were putting candy in her bucket and girlfriend was all over it.  Preston is basically a professional trick or treater at this point.  He knew what was up.  I kept having to ask him to slow down and wait for Olivia.

Our trick or treating group!

Olivia's costume was such a hit with all the college students.  There was a lot of ooohing and aaahing.  Can't say I blame them.  Baby girl looked cute!  She was even cuter when she'd say thank you or wave bye to them after she got her candy!

I had to practically drag Preston out of some of the rooms.  He wanted to be the first one at each door which meant literally stepping up when they opened their doors.

Best buds!

Olivia decided she wanted to hold one of the students leading us around the dorms hand.  I was totally surprised!  She usually does not take to strangers like that.  But she looked around, reached for her hand, and trick or treated a few more rooms.

When we headed to another dorm building, I tried to get a photo of these two.  It didn't go exactly like I planned.   Preston just wanted to get back to trick or treating and Olivia wouldn't stand still!

More trick or treating!

When all the trick or treating was over we forced the kids to stand and smile!

And then I made Preston and Olivia stand together and smile.  Look at those cute kids!

The scariest ninja ever.

And the cutest kitty ever!

Not only did we have a blast and collect the craziest amount of candy for two hours, but it totally takes the pressure off for trick or treating on Halloween. Which I've been stressing because it is supposed to be freezing!

We are definitely making this a tradition!

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