Friday, September 5, 2014

Olivia's 15 Month Appointment

I think it's safe to say that Olivia is not a fan of the doctor.  She doesn't mind the waiting room.  But as soon as they bring us back she's done.  She doesn't want to stand on the scale to be weighed.  She doesn't want them to measure how long she is.  She definitely doesn't want the doctor to check her ears or heaven forbid he try to listen to her heart and lungs. It's not really a good time.

But we go anyways.  Poor girl.

At fifteen months Olivia weighed in at twenty point four pounds.  Putting her in the thirty-ninth percent.  She's a whopping thirty two inches tall!  Placing her in the ninety-first percentile for height!  She's pretty consistently tall and thin!

Typically at the fifteen month appointment she wouldn't get shots.  But I like to split up the chicken pox and the MMR.  So we were planning on getting the chicken pox shot but then our pediatrician asked if we were planning on going anywhere in the next two weeks and of course we were.  So he recommended that we hold off.  It's rare but kids can break out in a mild case of chicken pox that isn't contagious but is uncomfortable and itchy and I guess his son was one of those rare cases so he errs on the side of caution now.  So Olivia almost got a free pass.  But then he told me they had the flu shots in so we went ahead with that and a couple of other shots and then will go back one extra time in between normal appointments to split those two shots.

Olivia was NOT happy at all about shots.  Really it might not have been about the shots so much as the whole appointment and then add in her having to lay down and be held still for the couple of seconds it takes to get shots and she was pissed.  Our pediatrician even stayed and helped!  I held her arms and told her she was going to be okay and he held her legs straight so that the nurse could give her the shots.  Three people to get our small girl her shots.   When the nurse was done Dr Keblawi told me she's small but wow is she fierce!  He was a little surprised by her strength!  That's my girl!

They sent us home with a little print out that talks about your child at fifteen months and what to expect.  I was reading it and you guys Olivia blows the average fifteen month old out of the water.  Seriously.  The average fifteen month old can speak four to six words and can point to one body part.  Olivia knows at least ten words.  And can point to at least eight body parts.  She also knows the sounds of at least five animals if you ask her!  We're currently looking into her applications for Harvard! Ha!

Lucky girl doesn't have to go back for another three months!  Hopefully she'll have outgrown some of her dislike of the doctor by then.  For both of our sakes.

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