Tuesday, September 2, 2014

First Day Of First Grade

Preston is a big first grader now, he had his first day of first grade! 

He woke up so excited for his first day of first grade!  He jumped into our bed and announced, "I almost forgot today I'm a first grader today!"  Then promptly fell back to sleep.  Being a first grader is already exhausting yo.

Eventually I woke him up so that he could get ready for his first day of school!

He had breakfast while I packed his lunch and gathered all of his things.

Then we headed out the door to take some first day of school pictures!

My favorite photo of the morning!  He was so dang excited about his backpack and lunchbox!

Preston and Olivia.  She is going to miss him so dang much while he is off at school being a big boy!

Brad and Preston!

Me and my favorite little boy!

Family photo op!

The walk to school.  He'd started to get a little nervous but still was so excited for his first day!

Preston's teacher this year is Ms Bronson.  And he was so excited because her classroom is decorated Hawaii style!  Perfect for our little boy who loves sharks and water!  Bonus, Addi is in his class!  That makes four years in a row! 

All ready to go.  He's a big first grader now.

With that we headed home and Preston began his first day of first grade.  Hold me. 

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