Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall Soccer...Game One

The Blue Lightnings started their season off with a bang! A very very early bang.  First game of the day, 8am kind of bang.

Olivia wasn't impressed.

It was a little rough getting us all there on time.  Brad took Preston while I headed off to buy coffee with Nicole and the girls.  I was late.  And I forgot to grab Brad a coffee.  I so obviously don't do mornings.

Preston did awesome!  He is so excited that soccer is back, even if it means setting an alarm on the weekends! 

The game is totally different this year.  The boys play on a bigger field and they have a goalie!  Plus they play five at a time!  It's serious business!

Preston has a new number this year too.  Number ten!

For the first time I can say I'm not totally sure what the score was.  Showing up late threw me off apparently.  

Olivia had a lot of fun watching big brother play.  And getting into trouble. Good thing she's cute!

It's going to be a great season for the Blue Lightning! 

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