Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shannon's Baby Shower

Shannon came into town and while she was here my mom and Jessie threw her and Avayah a baby shower!

The Grandma's! 

Shannon and some friends.

Livs was loving on Auntie Rissa!  Or her phone.  Ha!

We played guess the belly!  I was close.  Okay, I wasn't.  But Aunt Sheli was!

Olivia was pretty much being the cutest little girl ever!  Not going to lie she was totally stealing the show.  At least for her Mama!

I mean seriously how cute is she!

Everyone brought Shannon so many gifts!  Little Avey is definitely set when she arrives!

My Mom's best friend since junior high, who lives in California, surprised her and showed up for the baby shower!  Margaret was on vacation in Montana and was still a good five hour plus drive away but her and her husband made the trip over anyways!  It was seriously the best surprise ever!

Aunt Sheli, Shannon, Aunt Kristin, and Gayle.

The ladies in my family (who were there)! 

My Mom and all her girls, including her two granddaughters!

My Mom and her daughters.  I made them take a photo.  I think the last one we took of us five was at Jessie's baby shower.  Five years ago!

Shannon and the Berglund ladies.

Shannon and Margaret!

My Mom and Shannon.

I might have made Shannon go around and take photos with everyone since we didn't do that at my shower and I really wish we had!  She'll thank me for it later!

We all really had a great time!  Crazy to think that in just a few more months we'll be celebrating that little Avey has made her appearance into our family! 

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