Friday, August 22, 2014

Preston's Seven Year Appointment

Another year older.  Another well child check.

This year Preston came prepared with a bag full of excitement.  Pretend snakes and spiders and lizards.  A bag full of fun.  Full of boy fun.

We really are lucky when it comes to our pediatrician because when all the appointment stuff was done him and Preston chatted for at least five minutes about the snakes and spiders and how our doctor is apparently not afraid of spiders.  That made one of us in the room. 

The fun part, Preston's stats! 

At seven years old Preston weighs sixty point seven pounds.  Smack dab in the eighty-fourth percentile.  He is a whopping fifty one point three inches.  Landing him in the ninety-second percentile for height. 

It's a shame he didn't grow all that much this year.  Except not. 

From last years stats Preston is up nine pounds and three inches!  No wonder he literally seems bigger!

We had an eye exam where Preston scored a perfect twenty out of twenty too.  He did read some of the lines below that but then also told us he guessed on the last letters.  Silly boy. 

We even made it out with no shots.  Seven year appointments are pretty awesome! Kind of like Preston!

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