Friday, August 15, 2014

Marrissa Turns Sixteen

Turning sixteen means deciding how you want to spend your day.

Like most sixteen year old girls, Marrissa decided she wanted to spend the day at Chuck E Cheese. Except wait.

Either way, we ended spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese. I know Preston and Olivia loved it!

Olivia totally won big on one of the games when she hit the jackpot!  What! 

Preston played some basketball!  It's a little harder when you can't stand!

And hung out with Gavin!  We kind of like him.

I killed Marrissa at basketball.  New high score.  I am awesome!

Marrissa did decide to have dinner somewhere that wasn't just a hit with small children.  Twigs! 

Thank goodness we took the kids to Chuck E Cheese that afternoon.  Except you know they were still filled with energy by the time we got to dinner and things were rough! 

We did stop to take a few photos after dinner.

Me and the birthday girl.

The five of us!

The original seven! 

My attempt at forcing my family to take a photo.  Not too bad considering that if you were there it was not very pleasant since Brad was done and Preston was done and Olivia was tired and I was telling everyone to just smile for one minute please.

Happy sixteenth birthday Marrissa!  I love you and am so glad that Mom and Dad decided to have just one more! 

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