Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lake Day

The final week of summer and a ninety degree day calls for a day at the lake with friends!!

Three friends enjoying the sun and the sand!

Olivia loved everything about being at the lake!  The sunshine. Getting covered in the sand.  Playing in the water.  Ryan sharing his crackers.  Olivia's happy place.  Which meant she totally was the cutest little thing ever and I had to take a million photos of her!

Photobomb by Ryan!

Olivia keeps surprising me with how brave she is in the water!  She just wants to race out and play!  No fear.  She kept pointing at the dock, so I told her she had to wear her puddle jumper if she wanted to go to the dock.  Smarty pants walked over and grabbed her puddle jumper and brought it to me.  Then tried to put it on.  Well then.  

Me and my favorite littles!

To everyone's excitement we headed out to the dock!  Preston and Zack did some jumping off the diving board.  Preston was so dang excited about that diving board.  When I told him they had one he couldn't wait to jump off of it and he was the first one up there and ready to go!

Olivia wanted to and tried but I refused to let her.  It wasn't that I wouldn't have let her jump, just that I couldn't figure out how to do it safely with just me on the dock.  So she had to settle for watching the big boys jump off the diving board and then jumping off the dock to me in the shallow end.  Little thrill seeker like her big brother!

The kids were all super excited to see the little fish that would swim around the dock too.  Preston being all brave kept right on jumping with or without the fish.  Olivia just wanted to watch the fish swim!  I was pretty sure I was going to stranded on the dock forever out of fear of one of the fish trying to eat me alive!

When the fish finally swam away, we made our way back to the beach to play.  And look cute!

Olivia and I headed over to play with the big boys and make them take a few photos!  

These two boys!  Zack asked me if I would take a picture of the two of them!  Heck yes I will!

My boy!

Selfies with my best girl!

All of the kids were eyeing this totally awesome airplane floatie with a water gun attached and the boys got to take a ride!  First Ryan and then Preston.  This sweet girl not only shared but even pushed them around.  They kind of loved it.  Liv wanted to ride it so bad but she was just too small.

Toes in the water!

Cutest little girl, well ever!  Can you tell she loves being at the beach with the sand and the water!

Funny how much she likes sitting on the floatie when it's not in the water.  But the moment you put her on it in the water she freaks out!

Some of the kids on the beach found some crawdads and oh the excitement!  They were all so cute with how thrilled they were and being so careful with them.  Olivia wanted to see them but then backed away when they lifted them out of the bucket.  Then Preston raced over to see them and I had him turn and smile while everyone was checking it out.  Poor kid was disappointed that we had to leave and he couldn't go hunt for more with the other kids.

We had such a great time! Makes me wish both that summer could last so much longer and that we would have hit up the lake more! You better believe next year we'll practically live on the beach!

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