Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chuck E Cheese Again...Yep.

Not going to lie, we're a Chuck E Cheese family.

I mean obviously. Since we've been there three times in the last, oh week.

We weren't planning on going again tonight. We actually all got together and met at Round Table. Only they've gotten weird over there. They're trying to class the place up or something. Now instead of ordering at the front counter and finding seats and the laid back atmosphere of a pizza place, you have to wait to be seated and then your waiter comes over to take your order. Not what we were planning when we decided to go to pizza. Then they only had tall tables which isn't a huge thing. Except that Olivia needs a high chair and they only had the short table high chairs. While we were browsing the menu we were complaining about the changes and somehow all ended up saying we'd rather just be at Chuck E Cheese which is how we ended up grabbing our things and heading out to pay less money for a causal place that the kids (and lets be real adults too) would enjoy more. Sorry Round Table, you're not our cup of tea anymore.

But Chuck E Cheese is!

Olivia was loving the carousel!

She played a little basketball too, with Grandpa's help!

Preston and Mason were all about the tubes.  They were so cute!  Racing around up there with each other!

Can you tell Olivia was having a blast? 

Preston kept trying to convince Olivia to climb up the slides with him! 

Big girl saw everyone else playing the race car games and had to play too.  This one was more her size!  Especially with Daddy's help.

The prize counter!  And these three hooligans!

The kids all left with big prizes.  The perk of being the only littles when a group of nine adult hit up Chuck E Cheese!  Ha!

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