Friday, July 18, 2014

Preston's Seventh Birthday

Preston turned seven!! SEVEN! Wasn't he just born? Or turning six? My word. Slow down time.

I filled his bedroom with some balloons again this year.  He loves it so much!  

Preston was all ready to open his present once he was up.  I mean other than that getting older thing, that's what birthdays are all about am I right?

He'd asked for a razor spark scooter so a razor spark scooter he got!  He was pretty excited!

Then we all got dressed and headed off to Wonderland!  Preston wanted to go mini golfing and go-kart riding and bumper boating!  When it's your birthday we do what you want!

First up mini golf with friends and family!  Preston had a blast!  Olivia enjoyed tormenting everyone of the course.  I made everyone take some photos.  It was fun! 

Next up Preston opened some presents from Grandma and then Zack and Ryan.

Grandma got him some lovies!  And he loved them!

Then inside for some games and lunch!

After lunch we totally broke the rules and went swimming after eating.  Or bumper boating!  We just got so wet that it looked like we had gone swimming.  Even Olivia got in on the fun.  It was the only ride that she could go on!

Preston was quite the shot!  Soaking the rest of us!

Finally we made our way over to the go-karts!  We might have gone to play mini golf but I think everyone might have been most excited for the go-karts!

Me and Preston didn't fare so well against everyone else.  I blame the car because it certainly wasn't the driver!

While we were driving Olivia was hanging out on the sidelines with Grandma.

Preston hopped back in line and went for another ride.  This time with Hailey!  In the green car!

Preston had such a blast that when we headed home so Olivia could take a nap, he headed back with Brad to keep using his wristband!  Another round of mini golf and the rock climbing wall!

The got back just in time to pick us up and head to dinner at, you guessed it, Red Robin!  Preston's birthday dinner of choice for the last five or so years! 

At dinner Preston was begging to go back to Wonderland to play some more and we couldn't come up with a reason not to so we headed back!  Wonderland is open until ten and we had bought a wristband and he was going to get his use out of it!  Jen and Madison had just arrived in town so they met us too!  Go-karts, bumper boats, and all the games! 

The best of like twenty photos of these three.  Ha!

We finished the night up in the tunnels!

Happy SEVENTH Birthday Preston! My first baby and favorite little boy!  The one who made me a Mama.  Our little snuggler.  You amaze me every day with your questions and the way you think and how your mind works and just how hard you love!  Once someone is in with you they are in forever and you stand by them until the end.  You're such a combination of both me and Daddy and it just blows me away!  And let's be honest forces us as parents to constantly have to find new ways to outsmart a smaller version of ourselves.  You can take things apart and put them together as if it wasn't some crazy project and remember the most random little details from things you've read or heard months ago.  You are stubborn and stand up for yourself.  You fight to have your opinions and your sweet little voice heard. You are the best big brother and love and watch over Olivia more than I thought you would for still being so little yourself.  I am so very blessed that God gave you to me.  I love you most times infinity Preston!

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