Sunday, July 20, 2014

Party Hangover

The day after Preston's birthday party is always a day of recovery in our house.  We eat the leftovers.  We swim in the pool.  We don't make any plans.

I mean obviously even Olivia needed a day off, even the idea of getting out of bed was too much for her.

Preston found a big disgusting bug.  He wanted to keep it as a pet.  Yeah, not so much kid.

We played some ladderball! 

The bug made it to the table outside while we BBQ'd and had lunch.  Hashtag boy mom.

Enjoying the water slide.

These two crazy kids got int the pool and did some swimming.  It was COLD!  I got in for a few minutes and wanted to cry!  But look at them with big smiles on their faces!

Do you think she loves the swing just a little?

This right here is what happens when you ask Olivia if she is done swinging and she's not.  Instantly she crosses her arms and makes this face.  Start pushing the swing again and she's all smiles.  This girl.  The attitude.

Mads was trying to warm up! 

Doing some swinging with Aunt Jen!

We rounded the kids up and headed to get icees and milkshakes.  But first we had to get there! 

Someone just couldn't hang.  Even with a chocolate pick me up.

Preston had a blast playing at the playground!

Then we headed home.  Where we said out good-byes to Jen and Madison (BOO!) and ended the night with a movie and quick dinner! 

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