Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Park Fun

We met Kelly, Zack, and Ryan at a park we had never tried before. I'm not sure why we've never played there before because it was a lot of fun!

Liv had to bring her baby and it's stroller. It was pretty cute!

There was a splash pad!  Which we thought  was going to be the highlight for the kids.   They liked it don't get me wrong. 

Me and my girl.

Olivia making friends.

With all the toys the kids all decided they would much rather play in the grass.  Seriously.  They wanted nothing to do with the splash pad or the playground.  But they were all up in the grass and climbing this tree waaaaaay down the hill.  The big boys that is.  Olivia hung out with me and Kelly and her baby.

I wish I would have brought my camera down when I headed down to the tree to tell Preston it was time to go.  He was so cute and so big in that tree!  And just such a boy! 

Of course when it was time to head home that was when the park called to Preston and I had to drag him away! 

Park days...it's summer time!

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