Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ladybugs At The Park

Every summer we visit a park not too far from us with a big fountain and a garden full of flowers.  It's always so beautiful.  This year it was also so hot.  So hot. 

That didn't stop my littles from enjoying the fountain!  Preston designated himself the ladybug lifeguard.  Poor things kept landing in the water and he must have save at least twenty.  Sweet boy with such a good heart!

Olivia wasn't really sure why brother got to play in the water and she didn't.  So she tried to hop in.  Not so much sweet girl.

Little ladybug hero.  They were everywhere.  His hands.  Up his arms.  His face.  Crawling into his shirt.  I had to convince him to release them into the flowers so they could find new homes.

Then attempt to get some photos of these two with the flowers.  Only Preston still had ladybugs on his hand and those were way more interesting than me. 

Sweet seven year old of mine!

My two favorite little people!

Love this boy.  Even when he drives me crazy!

And she's off.  Being one means that Olivia can do everything on her own. Of course.

Grandma and her favorite grandkids.  She didn't say it but I know she thinks it.  They are at least in the top three!  Ha!

I had to drag them away from the fountain.  Preston kept going back to check and see if anymore ladybugs had fallen in and those dang things kept falling in.  So then he had to rescue all of them. 

Olivia tried to get in on the fun this time but just made us nervous that she was going to dive face first into the water and then we'd be rescuing her instead of the ladybugs!

All of us.  An attempt at a good photo.  It was so bright.  And hot. Have I mentioned it was hot.  Because it was!

Silly girl.

Finding new homes for more ladybugs that he'd rescued.

We headed inside the greenhouse to see all of the flowers and Preston wanted to see the waterfall.  But most of it was closed off for construction so we settled with going through the cactus room.  Where it was even hotter.  Seriously I thought we might die.

Preston kind of loves the cactus room! 

Then we headed back through the flower to make our way to the car.

Her response when I ask her to do anything that she doesn't want to do.  She crosses her arms and tells me "moah".  At one it's completely adorable.  Not so sure it will be at three.  And for sure it won't be at sixteen.

The last little stretch of grass before the car was filled with ladybugs.  We walked through a swarm of them!  Some even landed on us!  Preston was in heaven.  I'm guessing that's why we found so many at the fountain.  They must have just released them to help keep the bugs from eating all of the flowers!  It was the perfect end to the trip to the park!

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