Sunday, July 6, 2014

Fourth Of July...And More

We spent Fourth Of July up at the river!

Once we got the car unloaded we convinced my parents to take the boat out.  Preston was crazy excited to go out on the boat and go tubing wouldn't stop talking about it.

First  Marrissa and Hayleigh rode.

Olivia's first boat ride!  She liked it.  Except for the part where she had to wear a life jacket the entire time.  She wasn't super thrilled about that.  Sorry little girl, your Mama is a safety first kind of person!

Preston was totally ready for his turn on the tube! 

Next up, Preston hopped on with the girls!

While the rest of us were all trying to stay warm and not get splashed by the water Preston was begging to swim!  So we let him swim from the tub to the boat if he held onto the tube line.  Crazy kid loved it.

Family ride on the tube!  We went so slow since Olivia was on it.  Like barely moving slow.  We also didn't last very long but still cute!

Next up Brad went for a ride with Marrissa and Hayleigh.  It was a rough ride!  They totally rolled the tube and hit the water hard!

Hanging out on the boat with my favorite boy!

She's not so sure about the water and everyone tubing.

The final ride of the day was Marrissa, Preston, and Brad.

All the way back to the dock and then Preston opted to swim back to the boat.

While Brad knocked Marrissa overboard.  He's sweet that husband of mine.

All that tubing should have worn Preston out. It didn't.  He was begging to head to the pool and do some swimming and since we were all dressed for it that's where we headed!

When we were done swimming, we got all dressed for the Fourth Of July!  Then just hung out around the campground.

We took some family photos! 

I attempted to take some photos of Preston and Olivia.  Oh those two.  They made me work for it.  It is a good thing they are so dang cute!

You guys the best part of the whole day came next!


We might have been so excited that we got there a little early.

Somehow we all ended up in the truck and managed to get a photo of all us in the truck.  We're a pretty close knit family.  Ha! 

Selfies (and some look over here and smiles) while we waited for the fireworks to start!

The fireworks were awesome!  Preston loves fireworks so I knew that he would have a blast but wasn't sure what to expect from Olivia.  She followed in her brother's footsteps and was totally to them.

Someone was up bright and early the next morning.  Staying up late for fireworks can't keep her down.

My boys on the other hand slept in.  At least for a little while.  While Olivia and I slept in the trailer with my parents Brad and Preston camped out in a tent.  Preston was so excited about that!  Camping.  In a tent!  What!

We might have pestered them for a little while.  Trying to stay quiet while everyone else is sleeping is rough.

Camping breakfast is messy.  Especially when Olivia lifts up her bowl and tries to drink it.  Good thing we were outside!

The one and only time Olivia is ever allowed to dress in leopard and swing around on a pole.  For real.  But she was so dang cute laughing while she spun!

Eventually we all got dressed and ready to get going for the day.

Stopping for lunch first.  Where Preston got lucky and Grandma bought him a milkshake!

After lunch we headed over to the Gardner Caves to check things out!  I've been wanting to go since last year.

Poor Preston stuck with these two.

Olivia hiked all the way up the hill.  By herself.  It was impressive!

It was a little colder than I expected.  But it was so awesome! Preston did such a great job of listening and not trying to race around.  I think it's because he was just so fascinated with everything they were telling and showing us.

Since we were so close we decided to just head over to Canada.  It was a half mile hike to the border.  Not too far!

Until Brad got hungry and threatened to eat the baby.

The line down.  My parents had showed me pictures from the last time they were there but it was so much cooler in person!

We got such a kick out of the difference between the two signs.  On the United States side there is a big warning about how you cannot just cross over and the seriousness of it.  On Canada's side there is a big welcome!  Quickest trip over to Canada and back!

We all might have been a little tired when we got back.  Hence the family photo op in the hammock.

The resort my parents stay at was putting on a Fourth Of July event for the kids so we headed down to check it out after we heard there was going to be a water balloon fight.  You know who loves water balloons?  Preston!

But first the boys hung out while they waited.

And Olivia bounced between loving on her Daddy and screaming at her Mommy because I wouldn't let her have a beer she found on the beach.

Finally the main event!

Preston had an absolute blast!  A huge smile on his face when it was all over.  He did awesome too!  Held his own!

Before we knew it the car was all loaded up and we were hopping it to head home!  Exhausted from a busy weekend.  A weekend full of fun!

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