Saturday, July 26, 2014

Family Hike

It was beautiful out and I'd been wanting to go hiking and with summer more than half over it was time we went hiking!

Olivia fell asleep in the car and was so tired that she slept through me putting her in the ergo and then the first third of our hike.   Tired girl!

I love these boys! 

We made a few stops along the way.  One of which was at this little beach.  Preston loves stopping to play in the water.  Olivia had just woken up so it was just perfect.

It was just beautiful!  A great spot to stop and plan and take some photos!

Family photos, thank you self timer!

Hiking and holding hands, aren't these two just the cutest!

We're kind of getting awesome at these family photos with that timer!

This girl!  We stopped and she found this bench and just had to sit on it. 

Then Preston had to join her.  I wanted a photo of the two of them but Brad was doing something silly off to the side and they just couldn't look away.

These goofs.

Someone was determined to hike herself after she woke up.  It was a bit exhausting for all of us. 

One last family photo!

The hike back!

Livs caught a ride from Brad on the ride back.  For a few minutes anyway.  Before she insisted that she get down because she's a big girl and she wants to walk like her big brother.

Almost back!

It was hot.  It took longer than we expected.  It was fun.  It's our life these days!

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