Friday, July 11, 2014

Cousin Sleepover!

We invited my favorite nephew over for a sleepover and to swim the next day!

Can you tell these boys were excited?

I mean how cute are they? 

It's a good thing they are cute too because they could not agree on anything at bedtime to save their lives.  They didn't like the same movie.  They couldn't decide if they were sleeping in Preston's bed together or one on the bed and one on the air mattress.  In the end I picked the movie by holding them both behind my back.  And Mason slept on the air mattress.

Sleepover success!

They both woke up ready to play the next morning.

This cracks me up.  I walked in to them watching cartoons together like this.  Little snuggle buddies. 

After cartoons we headed out to do some swimming! 

The kiddie pool wasn't exactly what I had in mind!  HA!

Liv wanted to swim with the big boys!  Poor girl left was left out with the big boys.

Summer swimming fun!

While the big boys swam, Olivia did some swinging. 

And got the trampoline all to herself.  That never happens!  She might have enjoyed it!

Don't worry!  The boys wore life jackets and I could hear and see them the whole time! 

They were having a good time with the pool all to themselves!

And then the trampoline all to themselves!

The three troublemakers, ahem I mean cousins!

Little Miss at the end of the day!  Good thing she's getting a new cousin soon to even things out!

I know I keep saying it, but we love summer!

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