Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Batman And Piggytails

Barnes and Noble by us put on a Batman event and wouldn't you know I happen to know a Batman fan!  So of course we headed down to check it out!

Preston got a batman tattoo, got to make a bat-stache, and got a mask!

Then we hopped in line so that Preston could get a chance to meet Batman and take a picture with him!  He might have been a little excited!

Olivia wasn't so excited about Batman but she did love the little toy section at Barnes and Noble.  Especially when she found some babies!

It was lunchtime and we were all hungry so we headed to the food court to grab some food.  I was in shock over how much we spent!  We could have eaten at Chili's for the same price!  And it would have included service and better food! 

Not that the kids cared!

Preston is such a pain in my butt when it comes to taking pictures!  He's all no pictures Mama!  Stop telling me to smile.  Leave me alone.  Good thing Olivia can't run from me and thinks it's fun to smile when I ask her too. 

Plus she was wearing her hair in pigtails for the first time and I was sure excited about that!  I mean how cute does she look with piggies!

Bathroom selfie!  Gotta start her young!

Someone just couldn't hang with the big boys!

We headed over to my parents house later for dinner and Olivia rocked her piggies for everyone else to see.

Daddy's girl!

I mean seriously I'm not sure that it gets any cuter than this girl and her pigtails! 

If only doing her hair hadn't cost me this mess to the floor.  I kept her entertained by letting her play with the basket full of her hair goodies.  Not going to lie it was worth it, I mean you saw those pigtails!

Batman and pigtails and a day with friends and family.  Not sure it gets much better.

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