Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Birthday Celebration

Even though Preston's birthday is in the summer I don't want him to miss out on celebrating with his class. I used to hate that part of having a summer birthday. So in preschool as well as now in kinder I've arranged a day toward the end of the year to bring a special birthday snack to share with Preston's class.

We usually bring ice cream!

Pushups for the kids because they are Preston's favorite! And Drumsticks for the adults because they are my favorite!

It was HOT out today.  Perfect day for ice cream.  I showed up with ice cream and baby wipes and stayed to enjoy and help!

The class all got their special birthday snack, sang "happy birthday" to Preston, and waited for him to take the first bite so that they could enjoy too!  

I love that even though his birthday is smack dab in the middle of summer Preston still gets a chance to celebrate with his class!

The "crew"!

When the kids finished their ice cream they got to run off all that sugar with an end of the day recess!

Happy Early Birthday Preston! I hope you enjoyed celebrating with your class!

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