Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Preston's Last Day Of Kindergarten

It's here! Preston last day of kindergarten. Wasn't he just starting? And it's already the end of the year!

Preston's class put on a little performance and sang all of their class songs from the year.  Then Mrs Warren read a super sweet poem (Dear Parents I Give You Back Your Child) that made me feel so very blessed that she was our kindergarten teacher.  We were so lucky to get her for Preston's first real year of school.  Then the kids had a little graduation ceremony and received their kindergarten diplomas.

When graduation was over we went back to his classroom for the party!

Then home to take even more photos!  It's not every day that your baby graduates from kindergarten!

Then off for fro-yo with Grandma!

Look out first grade, we're coming for you!

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