Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Preston's Kinder Field Day

With kinder coming to an end the kids had one more day of fun planned with their kinder buddies.

Field Day!

Preston's teacher asked if I would come along and help out, heck to the yes!

While Preston wasn't in my group he was in the one next to me so I could stand back and watch him partake in all the fun.

Like the water balloon toss.

The sack race.

The hippity hop! 

There was also a three legged race.  OMG..hilarious to watch!  And another event where the kids had to get dressed up in clothes that were a million times too big and heels and race back and undress and the next had to get dressed and do it all over again.  Good times!

Even Olivia had a blast!

We brought ice cream to share with the class afterwards!  It was quite the hit!

I made the mistake of offering Olivia a taste of mine.  She liked it so much it became hers.  And then she wouldn't let go of it.  Screamed when I tried to take it.  So I just gave up and let her do her thing.  Ice cream.  It's in her blood.

My favorite littles covered in ice cream.

Olivia is seriously like the class mascot.  When I asked Preston to take a photo with her more Kierra and Ben just popped up!

Field day was so much fun!

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