Saturday, June 7, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 52

Another week of iPhone photos.


He watches Brad.  She watches him.


Back to the doctor.  For what Mommy thought might be an ear infection.  It was just some fluid.  Good news.
Following big brother up the playground.
Little sister was tired!
Loves the swing!
Her own little chair!


Her first painted baby toesies!
Cheerleader baby!



Even My Little Ponies need to ride in car seats.
Preston puts the babies to bed and covers them up with their blankies and then Olivia runs over and rips the blankets off and pulls the babies out and Preston makes crying noises.
Preston made this giant book to show the kids at school!
This dang chair is an issue.  It's Preston's. Olivia loves it.  They both want to sit in it.  But not together. 
She took his chair, he took her baby.
Oh the excitement!
Hanging out together!

Until next week.

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