Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Olivia's First Birthday

Olivia was so excited to start her first birthday that she insisted that we do so at the very first moment she could. Right as Tuesday became Wednesday. Not exactly what I had in mind. But who am I to turn down the birthday girl.

The fun really got started when she saw her birthday present sitting on the table just waiting for her.  Of course we had to open it.  It was her birthday after all.

Midnight birthday party just me and my girl.

She loved her new baby!  Loved it.  It was pretty adorable.

Except that she wouldn't sleep.  Even though she was tired.  And I was tired.

The next morning when we finally woke up I let her open the rest of her present, her baby stroller!  She loved it!  Even at one, Olivia is such a girl!

Birthdays mean your favorite breakfast food!  Powdered donuts!

Even big brother got in on the donut excitement!

We ran a couple of errands with my Mom and then Olivia and I dropped Preston off at school and came home to hang out and play.  It was just so nice outside.

How cute does my big one year old look in her little romper!

Me and my best girl!

While Olivia was sleeping my Aunt and cousin dropped off this super cute cupcake for her!  It was so nice of them!

On birthdays in our family you get to celebrate by going to your favorite restaurant since Olivia was too little to tell us where she wanted to go, I chose for her.  I think she appreciated my choice for her.

Chuck E Cheese!

Livs and Grandpa.  She kind of loves him! 

Riding the carousel.  She wasn't so sure about it.

Olivia and Daddy.

My kids really do have the best Daddy ever.  He loves them so very much and is willing to do anything for them.  Anything.  I know this for sure because when Olivia really wanted to ride the car but was too afraid to do it by herself he hopped in with her.

Then me and Olivia took a spin on the teacups!

Auntie Jessie and her favorite niece and nephew!  The fact that they are her only niece and nephew really doesn't change that!

Playing some games with Grandma!  She's pretty lucky Grandma was letting her take a turn on this game!

Jessie and Ryan.

Olivia's favorite game.  You hit the button and the ball drops down until it lands for your ticket prize!

I think her favorite ride on toy was the teacups!  Even Auntie Jessie hopped on for a turn!

Meanwhile big brother was busy playing some skeetball!  

He's pretty stinkin' cute!

For real.  Melt my heart.  Daddy's girl!

Our beautiful and sweet one year old girl! 

Presents!  Olivia was a lot more into it than I expected!

Me, Olivia, and Kelly.

My little family! 

The birthday girl with us!

I wanted a photo of my parents with all of the kids.  It went well.  Ha!  It was hard enough when it was just Preston and Mason.  Add Olivia in too and whoa that's a lot of work.

Racing Grandpa.  The game takes your photo and shows it above your car on the screen.  I'm not sure what everyone loves more taking the photo of the actual race.

Some of the ladies in our family!

Time to blow out the candles baby girl!

Thank goodness for big brother and his help with that candle!

Cake time!  Or rather cupcake time!!  Olivia was definitely a fan of her cupcake from Auntie Sheli and Haylie!

Me and Ryan!

Grandma bought Olivia a Chuck E Cheese bear!

I think she liked it!

The boys!

My Mom bought all of the boys a Chuck E Cheese truck!

When we got home I made the kids take a couple of photos together.  Because I love them and they are so dang cute!

Happy first Birthday Olivia!  Our little peanut!  How a whole year has already flown by I don't even know.  I'm so incredibly grateful that God gave you to us.  You fit so perfectly into our little family and make me wonder how we ever felt whole without you!  You make all of our hearts that much happier!  I love you baby girl! 

We all love you so much!

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