Sunday, June 15, 2014

Olivia's First Birthday Party

Olivia turned one!!


Know what happens when you turn one?  Besides Mommy crying in the corner.  A birthday party!

We went with an elephant theme!  Mostly because her Mama is obsessed and Olivia is too little to have a preference!  Plus we call her our peanut, so it was perfect!

How cute were her invitations!?

It rained the whole morning of the party.  Like the whole morning.  I started to freak out a little bit.  But then an hour or so before the party, it started to clear up so we decided to go for it and set everything up outside.

The cake table!

How cute is this little picture banner?  Less the picture banner and more the baby in it!  Every month for a year, my girl growing!

Olivia's cake to share and her smash cake!

The cakes killed me a little with how cute they were!

The party bags table!  We did a bucket and shovel, bubbles, a blower, and necklaces.

Olivia LOVED the necklaces!  I didn't realize how much she would love them.  She insisted on wearing them and kept going back for more.

The food!

We opted for a small party for Livs.  She is more comfortable with people she knows.  And even then it takes her a good half hour to warm up to new events and new people.  Since it was her party, we went with what would make it more fun for her!  Then on top of us deciding already to go with a small party, it ended up being even smaller. It was kind of perfect for her!  Mostly family.  Celebrating our girl! 

Livi and her Daddy.  He was thrilled that I told him to stop and smile.  Can you tell?  Ha!

The hubs and our littles!

We made her!  And think she's pretty dang perfect!

Birthday girl in her birthday outfit!  It was a little chillier than we expected so we added a cardi and a pair of leggings to her birthday party outfit.  Her birthday onesie was so dang cute!! 

I eventually had to add a sweatshirt and cover her shirt up, I was so sad!

Auntie Jessie couldn't resist giving Olivia her birthday present.  So she snuck over with it and had Olivia open it early.  I barely made it over with my camera!  Apparently being an Auntie means you can give your present at the start of the party instead of the end.

Olivia loved her new baby!

Playing with Grandpa!

We finally moved the party inside.  It was just a little too chilly out.  Everyone was cold.  And it had started to sprinkle.  Just a couple of drops.  But enough to make me nervous.  So we moved everything inside.  Food.  Cake.  Banners.  Presents.

Then we opened the presents!  Olivia was a lot more into it than I thought she would be!

The princess four wheeler from Grandpa and Grandma was a favorite! 

As was the little purse with the dog that came all the way from Hawaii from Aunt Jen and Madison!

More presents!  Spoiled little birthday girl!

After we finished presents we did dinner.  Pulled chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, potato salad, and macaroni salad.  Livs opted to share dinner with her big brother!

Our little family at Olivia's first birthday party!

Time for the big event!  CAKE!!

First Olivia had to take a phone call.  She has been doing this for a couple of weeks.  When she gets her hands on my phone she puts it up to her ear and says, "hewo."  I've been wanting a photo because holy cuteness.  Only problem she has my phone so I can't take a photo.  Hurray for the big girl camera being out!

I call this, "you took my phone, there is no cake, it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"

Finally, the cake!

She started off a little bit slow at first but then she realized it was cake and it was hers and OMG yum!

Getting a little help from Michelle!

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Cutest messy cake face EVER!

I love messy cake face smash!

Then we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl and blew out her candle with her big cake!

Another of her cake because I think it was so cute!

All that cake makes a girl thirsty!

We pulled the elephant off her cake and let her check it out.  It was cute for a couple of seconds and then she pulled the head off.  Sad day!

Me and my girl!

Olivia finished off her party in the bath.  Girl was a mess from her cake!

Then I attempted to put her to bed.  She should have been tired.  Exhausted even.  Only she nursed.  Acted like she was going to go to sleep.  Then popped up chatting like a crazy person.  Sugar rush anyone?  I'm thinking the cake had all kicked in by that point.  So we headed back upstairs so she could run it off.  Very literally.  She was wired.  All the way up until she crashed!

Thanks everyone for celebrating Olivia's first birthday with us!

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