Sunday, June 8, 2014

Caelan Graduates

Brad's little sister graduated from high school!  So we took a road trip back to Brad's hometown.

Preston's a road trip pro.  Liv is getting there!

We arrived in time to find seats just as things were getting ready to start.  The kids got antsy after not too long and since I'd been told the whole thing could take up to three hours, I took them out to burn some energy and race around the halls of the school. 

Pretty girl in her pretty dress!

I had Brad text me when they were starting to hand out the diplomas so that we could head back in.  We made it just in time!

She did it!

When graduation was over we all headed out to find our favorite newly graduated senior!  It was a bit of a madhouse.  Preston stopped halfway out to hold the doors for everyone.  He stood there holding that door for a good five to ten minutes.  Such a sweet boy!

We found her!

Afterwards we walked over to Brad's Grandpa's house to say hello.  While Preston and Madison played soccer outside and terrorized his new neighbors, Olivia made friends with this little Indian head that was Brad's Grandmas.  She comes by it naturally what with her being Indian too.

Next we headed out to Caelan's house to celebrate!  It took Preston all of five minutes to make friends with the other little boys there.  Love how easy it is for kids to make friends!  My social friendly little boy!

They all sat down for a few minutes while they got to know each other and we looked up and realized they had switched from coloring to playing on electronics.  Kids these days!   Ha!  It only lasted for a few minutes before they were up and racing around.  Tag.  Hide and seek.  Soccer!  They were all over the place!

Madison was having a great time playing in the dirt!  It was everywhere!  Pretty sure that's what happens when you throw dirt in the air! 

Checking out Aunt Caelan's horses. 

Pitts girls hanging on the farm!

Olivia found the dogs!

After dark the party turned into the senior all nighter/senior bonfire.  Nothing makes you feel older like a bunch of newly graduated teenagers in their little shorts and crop tops. 

Olivia just wanted to party!  For a little girl who had a small nap in the car and then spent the day playing outside she was just not tired.  I gave her a bath, put her in her jammies, and then we headed outside in hopes the fresh air would finally wear her out. 

It didn't.

Preston was LOVING country living.  He was off with the boys playing hide and seek in the near dark and racing around like, well a kid!  When I was saying how much fun he was having, Brad was pointing out this was how he grew up.  It is amazing how much less there is to worry about.

Dragged my boy back to see me!  Even if only for a few minutes before he was off and playing again.

My favorite three year old!

Olivia finally fell asleep!  I loaded her into the ergo and she went from laughing and playing with everyone to passed out in a few minutes!  Thank goodness!  It was late and little miss was tired!

Hanging with Caelan! 

We stayed until after eleven before we headed to the motel we were staying at for the night.  We were tired!  But having so much fun!  Preston was so tired he was out instantly! 

The next morning was chaos of trying to get everyone dressed and load the car back up and head back out to Caelan's house to hang out before heading home.

Olivia wanted to be packed up in the suitcase.  Silly girl.

Me and my littles! 

We picked donuts up for the kids on the way and then had breakfast when we got out there while Caelan opened her presents!  It was a good thing me and Madison were there or they might have had leftover sausage! 

Olivia found Aunt Caelan's pompoms and made my Mama heart sooooooo happy when she loved them!  Future cheerleader!

All I asked for was ONE just one photo of these three with the kids. 

This is what they gave me.

Notice it's the two on the bench giving me the most trouble. 

Then when they decided to cooperate the kids were over it. 

Isn't that the way it goes. 

I hopped in for a few. 

This might be my favorite photo of the whole dang weekend!


Olivia tried to take off and Preston chased her down!  Such a good big brother!

We met Brad's Grandpa for lunch before leaving town and then I made them all take a photo before we hopped in the car for our ride home!

Way to go Caelan, we are soooo proud of you!

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