Monday, June 30, 2014

Olivia Draws

Olivia has become quite the artist. She got into my pens and decided to turn the ottoman into her own personal canvas.

Is it bad that I was proud of how well she was holding the pens? 

Oh the attitude on this one.  Look at how she holds the pen away from me. 

Right back at it. 

I swear this one.  Telling me no for telling her no!

The end product.

She was so proud of herself!

Obviously an artists work is never done.

Good thing we've been talking about replacing the ottoman!  Hopefully this will speed that process up! 

Almost Seven!

This boy. I don't know what I would do without him.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 55

This week...




Sneaky girl!


Everything is a canvas for this little artist.
Someone was supposed to be sleeping!


Hoopfest with my baby girl!
My brother and his team!
Riding in Grandpa's truck is fun!

Until next week!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sports Camp

Sports camp!

I'd been wanting to put Preston into a sports camp for a year plus now and our schedules finally worked out to do one!  Not far from home too!

He was excited!

They did four sports.  Two days each.  We ended up having an extra day when we got rained out one of the mornings.

Starting with soccer!  Preston's current favorite sport.  No photos.  There was rain.  And a sleeping baby.  But he had fun! 

Preston had quite the arm!  And totally enjoyed racing around and throwing the ball! 

They kids moved from station to station learning different parts of the game.  Preston seriously had so much fun!

Olivia had fun with flag football too.  Mostly just racing away from me and collecting the little cones!

Next sport was baseball!

Obviously we dressed the part!

Preston did pretty good!  He liked hitting the ball off the tee the best!  He had quite the hit! 

Olivia liked watching big brother play!

They even played a little game at the end! 

Olivia and I might have had differing opinions on how exciting it was!

Another day of baseball and another game!

Last sport was basketball!  I was excited about this one!  He had liked basketball over the winter and wanted to see if he still did.

My little trooper!

Day two!  Preston was ready.  So was Olivia!

Working on all their skills!

Preston's favorite was the station where they ran drills and raced to see who could get the ball first and when you did you had to try to make it to the basket and shoot! 

Some shooting drills!

Finally finishing basketball up with a game between all of the kids!  For fun!

The whole sports camp!

The leaders made the kids cupcakes!  Score!  Preston was even more excited about these!

All said and done Preston told me he liked flag football and soccer the best!  Followed up next by basketball.  And finishing with baseball.  That's my boy!