Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Playing In The Dirt

Preston has been asking and asking and asking to plant flowers in the front yard.  I'd been putting it off because it's still just too cold and I didn't want to plant them and have them freeze and die.  Finally it seemed like the warm was going to stay so I told Preston we could clean up the flower bed and then plant we'd be ready to plant some flowers.

Somehow Preston didn't end up helping me pull the weeds.  Not that I'm surprised.  He didn't like the dirt and it was hard and wanted to ride his bike and and and.  Let's be real pretty much anything was way more fun than pulling weeds with me.  Can't say I blame him since I don't love pulling the weeds either.

While Preston was looking for any reason not to have to help clean up the front flower bed, Olivia was looking for any reason to climb in and play in the dirt.

By the time Brad got home I was done pulling weeds and we were just playing in the dirt.

So we moved the party to the backyard to take advantage of my motivation to get some yard work done.  Never know when that might happen again!  HA!

Preston even helped in the back.  A little.  He more whined about having to pull weeds than actually pulled weeds.

I think Olivia might have been a little more helpful.

When she wasn't trying to empty the weeds we'd pulled out of the buckets.

Olivia definitely earned her bath tonight!

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