Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Park Playdate!

Sunshine means we headed to the park after school!  Going to the park after school means friends are always there too!  Preston loves that!

So while he played with friends Olivia was stuck with me.  Poor girl.

Preston did come over to go down the slide with Olivia, because best big brother!

She may look sweet and innocent but little girl is a firecracker!  Don't mess with her.  Also don't walk away from her a couple of steps to get a picture of how cute she looks unless you get it approved first.  Noted.

Preston and the girls were playing a game with princess and pokemon and trying to save each other from falling into the bark where the sand monster lives!  You can just barely see Preston back there saving the girls and pulling them back up!

Olivia was having fun once we got back to the playground!  She really liked the bark.  I really struggled with letting her reach down to touch it.  Slivers people!  But I sucked it up because she's curious and wants to know about everything and she will in fact be okay if she picks up pieces of the bark.

Yeah Livs that's the wrong way.  And you are way too little to be going up the slide that way.

You are also way too little to be climbing up the stairs at the park all by yourself.  Not that it stopped you.


We found Preston!  And he was willing to sit still long enough that I could get a picture of the two of them!  It's a park miracle! 

Eventually we headed home.  Hot, sweaty, and tired. 

Especially this one.  Being little at the park is a lot of work!

Preston never runs out of energy so the park didn't slow him down!

I on the other hand wanted to snuggle up with a blanket on the floor just like Liv!  Ha!

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