Friday, May 9, 2014

Olivia Does Some Shopping

We met my Mom for a girls lunch and then afterwards headed over to Children's Place. I needed to make a return but Olivia had other ideas.

I set her down and she instantly took off to "browse".  I'm not even kidding.  Girlfriend was all over this whole shopping thing.  She went up and down and all around checking things out.

The shoes caught her attention.

Then the sunglasses.

Before she found the cutest baby girl ever in the mirror!

When she headed back out to finish her shopping she found a little purse.  It sucked her in with how cute it was.

I mean look how happy it made her!

Do you know what you do when you find something you have to have?  You ask Grandma!

How in the heck was Grandma supposed to resist?  She couldn't.  Seriously Olivia didn't even have to try that hard.

Grandma bought her the purse and then we headed over to look in the little boy section and Olivia was like umm yeah, me and my new purse are out of here.

I had to chase her down and make her come back in.  Not that it was all that rough on her once she discovered all the jewelry.  I kid you not this one is all girl.  I couldn't be more excited!!

She wanted to take all of the necklaces home.  She even turned around and raced back when I picked her up and carried her out of the store.  Little stinker!

She got over it once she realized there was a whole mall to explore with her new purse.  Can you believe how cute she was!  I was dying over it. 

My Mom, Livs, and me. 

I forsee lots of lunch and shopping dates in our future!

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