Saturday, May 3, 2014

Olivia At Ten Months

Olivia Marie,

Ten months old. Oh how time flies.

You are weighing in at eighteen point six pounds.  Smack in the forty-eighth percentile.  You're twenty-eight point eight inches long.  Tall girl in the seventy-second percentile!

Big moment of the month, you WALKED!  What!  How did you get so big?  You took three steps to Daddy and we were all proud and then you go and take five and you're a big girl walking.  I just can't handle it. 

We celebrated your first Easter and you were the cutest thing.

It's been a big month of new foods.  Pizza.  Whipped cream.  Macaroni and cheese.  Strawberries.  French Toast.  Olives.  Good things.   Notice a trend?  Things that you can feed yourself.  You are all sorts of determined.

You learned to drink from a straw.

Did I mention you started walking?  Because you did.  I just can't get over it. 

You can say bath, water, and cat. 

You love the slide.  It's your favorite part of the park.  Other than the swings of course.

When I say, "How big is baby Livi?" The smart girl that you are you raise your arms up in the air and then I say, "So big!".  It's the cutest little trick!  I mean obviously it just proves you are brilliant!

Daddy has started calling you Snuffaluffagus.  I don't know where it come from but it's pretty stinking cute.  I love nicknames!  

Then as if walking isn't enough, you can also climb up on the bathtub ledge all by yourself!  You'd been trying to do it and making me a nervous wreck and then you just did it.  You also climbed up on the bed in the playroom all by yourself.  Like all the way up.  Because why not.  You're ten months old who wants to be a baby anymore. 

In sad news, you had another ear infection.  I hate watching you hurt.  Hate that you lose some of your energy and your happy go lucky personality.   We started antibiotics and you didn't let it hold you down for long!  That's my girl!
We visited the dentist for the first time.  You did not love that.  You don't do strangers very well.  So having a strangers poking around in your mouth counting your teeth was not fun for you.  Or me.  But they did check out all seven of your teeth and say that things looked great!

Olivia you're such a little peanut and so packed full of personality!  A little firecracker!  And we couldn't love you any more!

I love you baby girl!

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