Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day got off to a bit of a rough start this year.

When Brad had asked me what I wanted to do for the day, I told him all I wanted was Starbucks and a breakfast sandwich to start the day.  Nothing crazy.  But it would make me happy. 

Then my Mom called and said my Dad wanted to take all of us to breakfast and did we want to come.  So we jumped up, got dressed, and headed to the restaurant they'd picked.

Where we joined them and waited and waited.  And then waited some more.  They were doing a Mother's Day brunch buffet and we didn't have reservations.  And it was busy.  That's okay, we entertained ourselves.

Finally it was our turn to go have a seat.  Outside.  Where it was still a bit chilly when the sun went behind the clouds.  We were just sitting down when we were told they were only doing the brunch buffet and it was not cheap.  Especially when you factored in how many of us there were and that the kids were practically the same cost. 

So we left.  And ended up at Golden Corral.  There was a line but it moved faster.  Still we entertained ourselves.

Here's where things really got rough.  I'm not a huge breakfast person.  And it was crowded.  And I didn't want anything.  I just wanted my Starbucks and a breakfast sandwich.  After Olivia got cranky because she wanted a nap and Preston got pissy because he wanted to run around, I melted down.  I wanted to leave and I wanted Starbucks and why were we here.  My poor husband.  Only made worse by the fact that when he was taking Olivia from me so I could sit and pout he also got the cord to my hoodie and it snapped back in my face.  Mama needed a breather. 

The world didn't end.  Even if it felt like it was for a minute.  They switched over from breakfast to lunch and Brad brought me some mac and cheese.  Which is my favorite thing at Golden Corral.  Once I had food in my stomach I was a much more pleasant person.  You know those people who can become nightmarish when they are hungry, yeah I'm one of them.  Ha!

The boys were all pumped up about the cotton candy.  Especially when Uncle Matt loaded them up on it.  Particularly Mason who had two and then was raced to finish it and ate it off the ground even. Yum! 

Olivia had fun taking a stroll around the restaurant with Grandpa while I ate my second plate of mac and cheese. 

Then Daddy shared a taste of his ice cream with Olivia. 

After breakfast/lunch we headed home to get dressed and grab what we needed, we were all headed hiking!  And so excited!

Olivia was really excited to get to ride on my back in the Ergo for the first time! 

Me and the hubs...and look Olivia too!

Me and my Mama!

Preston LOVES hiking!  He was up front almost the whole time leading the way with Auntie Rissa and Kasey and Brad.  He even carried a little backpack with diapers and wipes and some of his things.  I'm so lucky to have such a sweet boy!

Me, Matt, and Olivia!

We caught up to Brad!  Not really.  They stopped for a minute to wait for us.

Doing some rock climbing!

We attempted a family photo.  It went...well.  HA!  Preston wanted to get back to hiking.  Brad was over photos.  I was smiling.  And Liv wanted to know why we'd stopped. 

Another pit stop!  This time Olivia got to get out. 

She was obsessed with the camelbak! 

This boy made me a Mama! 

Not afraid to get dirty.

Heart that smile!  He found a walking stick!  That doubled as a gun.  Such a boy.

We stopped up at the top to take some more photos!  It was beautiful!  I'm so very blessed to have these people in my life!

Preston still had energy to burn by the time we got back to the playground.  Oh to have even a small portion of his energy! 

We headed back to my parents house after hiking.  I was exhausted. 

If only the kids were too.  Preston was outside racing around.  Olivia was inside racing around.

Brad ran to pick up some potatoes after dropping us off since I'd requested mashed potatoes with the steak my Dad was bbq'ing. 

When Brad came back he not only had potatoes but he'd also brought me the Starbucks I didn't get in the morning.  Love that man!

While the men made dinner, the rest of us hung out outside. 

Preston played basketball with Uncle Matt.

Olivia raced around and found the big dump truck!

When Mason got home the two little boys played some basketball!

 It was serious business. 

 After dinner we went back outside.  It was just so nice and we wanted to soak all of it up!

Steven showed up and the boys took him on.

When Steven tapped out Matt tapped in. 

Olivia got in on the basketball playing.  With a little help from Grandpa.

Me and my boy!

What started out as a not so great Mother's Day turned into a fabulous one!  So thankful for my little family and the people in my life!

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