Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

Three day weekend, say what!

While we used part of the weekend to get things done around the house, we also took a day off for fun!

We headed up to the river for the first time this year!

The kids were so excited!  Preston loves the river.  Turns out Olivia does too!

Five minutes after getting out of the car, Olivia totally face planted on the concrete by the picnic table.  Huge goose egg.  It was so sad!  She got over it pretty quick though. It really looked worse in person than it does in any of my photos.

Checking out the neighbors dogs.

Olivia LOVED the freedom of being able to just race around outside!  Plus look at those baby thighs! 

Preston got everyone to play some heated games of bean bag toss.  I might have gotten a little fired up.  And lost a lot of times.  But Preston told was kicking ass and taking names!  Obviously he didn't get that from me! 

Breaking free!

Swinging in the hammock with my favorite little boy!  We need a hammock in our backyard so bad!

Preston's favorite part of the river is hiking!  Specifically hiking through the tunnel!  He was all ready to go with his headlamp!

Olivia has to do what Preston does!  So when he headed off she did too.

She's ready to hike the tunnel too!

The boys!   Also Brad.  Really.  In both photos even.  That man.  Good thing I love him.

My very favorite boy!!  

I absolutely love that he's looking up at me in this one! 

My people!

Olivia loved the tunnel as much as Preston does.  I wasn't sure what to expect since it gets so dark in there but she was all about it.  Not a peep out of her.  Then when we got out on the other side and I pulled her out of the ergo to explore she kept trying to head back in by herself!  This one.  Apparently we raise 'em fearless.

Little explorer borrowed Grandpa's headlamp! 

Walking the railroad tracks!

Hanging with Grandpa and Grandma!

We hiked down the tracks a little bit and then made our way back through the tunnel to head back.  On the way back through the tunnel, Preston kept howling and growling.  So of course Olivia started doing it too!  Quite a pair these two.

Relaxing with Daddy!

I pulled out one of Preston's old chairs from when he was little and Livs was all over the dang thing.  She loved having a chair just her size.

More bean bag fun! 

Just playing by their Grandpa!

On our way to the beach, Preston and my Dad played a game of tetherball.  My Dad won.  And while they were laughing and joking about it, I snapped a photo while not even looking.  It turned out to be this gem.  We kind of love the whole thing.

Olivia loved the beach and kept trying to walk right into the water to play.  It was not that warm!  She did not care.  I finally gave in and let her stand it it.  Which was fine until she tried to go deeper and deeper and then got mad when I was holding onto her and wouldn't let her and just sat in it.  You win Olivia. 

Preston had a blast skipping rocks or at least attempting to skip rocks with Grandpa and Daddy!

Climbing in the cold river water earned this girl a warm bath in the trailer.  The little tub is the perfect size for her!  Not that she stayed clean for long.  She just got dressed in warmer dry clothes and headed outside for dinner. 

Hamburgers!  Which Olivia shocked all of us by not only eating, but enjoying.  Something her big brother still won't eat!  She also went to town on some chili!  I cannot tell you how excited we were to see that she was not only willing to eat new and grown up foods but that she was enjoying them!

While Livs was finishing her hamburger, me and Preston played some soccer!  He has so much more energy than me.  It's a bit ridiculous.  Oh to have the energy of Preston.  It never drains!

Photos in the trailer with Livs while big brother had his turn in the tub.  He didn't fit quite as well as Olivia!  Ha! 

It started raining before we left and Preston was outside catching the run off rain from the awning (yuck) so my Dad snuck over and moved the awning in just enough that a bunch of water dumped down.  Preston was smart enough that he figured out what was happening and stepped out of the way just in time!  That's my boy!

We all left the river exhausted!  From just a day! 

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