Tuesday, April 22, 2014

French Fries And A Milkshake

I had to drop my car off to get some things looked at and since Olivia and I are girls and don't really like hanging out in the waiting area of a mechanics we opted to head over to a fast food place nearby for a snack of french fries and a milkshake to share.

My girl loves her some french fries.

I even let her try some of my cherry milkshake.  She's a little on the fence on that one.  She liked it at first and then not so much the second time.  But I think it might have been more the cold than the taste!

She went to town on those french fries though.  So her Mama's girl! 

This little face and those cheeks kill me!

Even when she's been silly!

Me and my girl!

I love knowing that we have a million more of these mother/daughter dates in our future!

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