Saturday, May 31, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 51

Another week of photos!


Snugglin' with his sister.
Mowing the lawn with Daddy.  She was desperate to go hang out with him!
Someone made a mess at dinner.


Busy makin' plans.
Olivia has been here.
Making a run for it!


Me and my girl!
Amazing what a difference two years makes.


The bigger she gets the less often she snuggles like this.  I plan to enjoy every moment.
He came into our room and flopped down, half on the bed half off the bed.  Feet still on the floor.  Tired much.


Birthday drinks with my sister.

Until next week!

Shadow Game

Preston's soccer team got invited to attend and go out on the field with the Shadow soccer players at one of their games. I asked him if he wanted to do it and he was so excited. He thought he was going to get to play in the game with the players and was a little bit disappointed when I told him we would just be watching the game not playing with the team. But he got over it because did I mention he got to go to a big soccer game and walk out on the field with a player!?

We got there a little early and hung out before the game.

Olivia bounced from lap to lap.

Preston and his team played some soccer.

And refused to stand still when I wanted to take his photo.

Preston and part of his team waiting to be matched up with their players!

In the tunnel!  With the Shadow soccer players and the team they were playing. 

Heading out onto the field! 

All the players and the little soccer players!  It was so bright out, Preston kept covering his eyes.  And then got antsy standing with his player while they announced everyone.  Then discovered the turf  and the little rubber balls and was all over that.  It was hilarious!

The kids all headed off the field and we headed into the stands to meet Brad and Olivia to watch the game.

Before the long the "big" kids wanted to go down and sit in front.  I remember doing that as a kid.  How is it even possible that Preston is old enough to be big enough to head down there all on his own with friends to watch the game.  I may have snuck down to take some photos.  And to tell him to stay on the side of the bars that the bleachers were on so that he wouldn't fall on his face.  Safety first and all that jazz.

At half time they did a candy rush.  It was more like a candy stampede.  They had all the kids come down, threw candy all over the field, and then released the kids to get as much as they could carry.  It was the best kind of chaos! 

We lost Preston in the mess of kids on the hunt for candy, it was serious business.   He headed back up into the stands to where we were sitting and I followed him just a few small children behind.  It was kind of reassuring to see that even at the end of a long day in a new place, he knew to head to where we were sitting to meet back up with us.  Also was a nice little heads up that we need to start setting a meeting place when we go to these kinds of things!

Exhaustion pretty much sums up how we felt by the time we left and headed home.  A busy day in the sun wore all of us out!


Skyfest is back!

We wanted to go a few years ago but somehow just didn't get out there.  I can't even remember why at this point.  We really didn't think we were going to make it out there again this year with Skyfest happening the same weekend as Preston's soccer tournament.  But the stars aligned and all of his games on Saturday were over by noon!  Score! 

So after Preston's last game we grabbed lunch and headed to the base.  Where we waited and waited and waited.  Until we finally made our way to where we were parking and unloaded everything to head in for the fun!

There were so many things to see!  We seriously could have spent hours there.  Sadly we only had a couple of hours.  Really we were just trying to get there in time for the main event, the Thunderbirds!

But first we explored.  And found an aurora bomber.

Preston and Brad found an osprey helicopter that they were both pretty excited about especially when we were able to tour it!

We wandered around for a little bit.  Looking at things.  Chasing Preston.  Following Olivia.  Until we met up with friends!

We weren't there for long before we found a spot to set up chairs and get ready for the big event.

Obviously Preston was very excited!

Me and my favorite littles!

The Thunderbirds!

I knew that Brad would be into it.  I wasn't sure how much Preston would be into it.  I figured at the very least he would love the beginning but might get bored after that.  He was hooked!  I even had to give him my sunglasses so that he could see them better with how bright it was outside! 

I was most surprised though by how much Olivia loved it.  She wasn't scared of how loud it was (I'm sure the ear plugs that very nice people near us gave her helped a lot with that!).  She would watch the places as they flew by and up into the air.  She seemed to love it!

The boys did need to get up and stretch a little during the show.  They had energy to burn.  Playing in two soccer games before didn't slow them down! 

My girl loving on her Daddy!

The show continued on!  Preston found his seat again and kept enjoying all of how awesome it was!

Poor baby sister got tired!  Busy day and all the sun!

The Thunderbirds were seriously so much fun to watch.  They did such an amazing job.  I can't even imagine how much work went into the show.  It was definitely worth all of the chaos and heading out there just to see them perform.

My favorite people!

Getting everyone to look, smile, and pay attention at the same time is getting harder and harder!

On our way out we detoured to let Preston explore and climb in and around a huey helicopter.  He loved it!

We cut it pretty close getting to the soccer game we were going to that night with all the traffic, but it was so worth it with how much fun we had at Skyfest.