Friday, April 11, 2014

The Easter Bunny

It's Easter Bunny time!

We were headed downtown so I figured we should take advantage and take the kids' picture with the Easter Bunny!

Preston's an old pro.  But I wasn't so sure how Olivia would do.

There were some tears when I first set her down.  Then I picked her back up and we tried again.  This time I stood below the camera and smiled at her and she didn't do so bad.  A smile even.  On her poor little red face from the first set of tears.

Pretty dang cute!

While we were waiting for our photo to print I asked if I could take a couple of Preston with the Bunny.  He's so cute!  And oh my word does he look oh so big!  Even from last year!

Now we're just about ready for Easter! 

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