Monday, April 7, 2014

Start Of Spring Break

We kicked off Spring Break with some of our favorite friends!

We walked over to the jumping place to start the fun!

Preston loved sliding down the big slide!

Even Olivia got in on the fun!

Preston almost didn't make it to the second part of our day when he got stuck in the bouncers!  Ha!

We made a quick stop at Kelly's house and grabbed our lunches and some scooters and were on our way to the park!

We made it to the park and while I had Olivia strapped into the stroller to eat lunch, I attempted to force Preston to sit still long enough to eat his lunch and he sure wasn't going to eat it with us.

A hot day means we needed some sunglasses!  Not sure my girl could have looked any cuter! 

Olivia warmed up the being at the park and decided to do some exploring.

Before we moved on to the swings.

Preston did some scooter riding and told me he was going to have to have a scooter for his birthday.  Okay thanks.  That was simple.

Olivia finally got to play in the sand before we left.  She'd been watching Preston and the big boys do it and I finally set her down and let her go to town.

We all left the park tired!  Bring it on spring break!

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