Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

Each of the kids got a one up on the other thanks to their Mama.  I bought Preston a t-shirt for the day a couple weeks ago.  So he was all set to go.  I completely forgot about getting Olivia something.  Fail.  Then I got a ton of pictures of Olivia in her makeshift outfit (thank goodness my Mom bought her a onesie while they were in Montana that was a little big but worked perfect).  Preston was playing with Mason so I planned on taking a picture of him when we got home from my parents house.  Only we got home late and Preston raced straight downstairs to put his jammies on.  And wasn't feeling it when I asked him to change back.  So he put his shirt back on over his jammies.  Again.  Fail.

Here's Olivia looking all super cute!

And Preston looking all super cute!

Next year I will have this two kid thing down and we will have matching St Patrick's Day outfits!

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