Thursday, April 3, 2014

Olivia At Nine Months

Olivia Marie,

Nine months old. Big girl!

At nine months you weigh seventeen pounds thirteen ounces.  The thirty-seventh percentile.  You are twenty-eight point eight inches long.  Tall girl in the seventy-ninth percentile!

In an effort to show off about turning nine months old today you stood all by yourself!

This month we went on our first vacation as a family of four.  To Portland.  With Grandpa, Grandma, and Auntie Rissa.  You were an awesome little travel buddy.  Except kind of not.  The drive there was a little rough at bedtime.  You were not happy about being in your car seat instead of being rocked or snuggled.  So you screamed.  I ended up in the backseat with you until you finally passed out around midnight.  Poor thing.  Other than nights you really were a great travel baby!  Everyone just thought you were the cutest little girl ever!  The hotel had a pool so you got to go swimming for the first time and not surprisingly loved it!

Making Daddy's day you said "Da Da" for the first time!

When we wake up in the mornings and get ready to head upstairs you wave bye-bye to the bed.  All on your own!  Such a smart girl!

First word happened this month!  Ball!  It's so dang cute!

Strangers make you so nervous.  You are willing to look at them but that's it.  They better not get close to you.  Or try to touch you.  And heaven forbid they try to hold you!  You make it very clear by pushing them away!

You have quite the little personality Olivia.  This month you've taken to growling at us.  Especially your brother. I can't imagine why!  Ha!

Smarty pants you are now signing "all done" at dinner time.  Mostly before you've had anything to eat.  The day I've been fearing has arrived.  You are acting like the picky eater your brother was and is.  Which is what's led to Mommy giving you new foods.  Big girl foods since those baby foods are not your thing anymore.  Your first sugar donut.  You liked that.  No surprise there.  And your first grilled cheese.  Which you also loved!

With your seventh tooth coming in big girl foods are no problem at all!  It's on the bottom on your right next to the middle.

Sad day you've had your first big girl sickness.  Pink eye and an ear infection in both ears.  As if one wasn't bad enough.  Poor thing.  You've handled it like a trooper.  Tylenol and ear drops and eye drops.  All at once.

We also paid our first trip to the fish hatchery!  You loved all of the fish!  And watching them go crazy when we tossed the food in!  I can't believe you're big enough to get excited about watching the fish swim around.  You're still a baby!

I love you baby girl!

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