Friday, April 11, 2014

Hanging Out Downtown

It was nice out, we had friends in town, the kids needed to get out and race we all headed downtown!

We paid a quick visit to the mall and the Easter Bunny, then headed into the park!

Me and my boy!

Oh that boy!

Buddies!  And troublemakers!  Ha!

My littles! 

This one looks all cute and innocent, but she's feisty!

An attempt at taking a picture with my girl! 

Me and my not quite babies!

Rems wanted to hop in a photo with me and Livs!  Love!

After our little photo shoot, we headed over to play on the slide!

I watched Preston go down a few times before I decided to take Olivia too!  She wasn't so sure and then she really liked it and wanted to go again and again! 

Sidewalk chalk with friends!

Preston is serious business with drawing squids right now!  He's pretty good at it!

Dang little sisters crawling where you're trying to get your draw on!

We stayed for a little longer to play until things got a little tense on the slide.  Some cutting in line and a meltdown on Preston's end about it.  It's rough being a kid these days!  HA!

By the time we got home we were all exhausted!

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