Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's Halloween!

Our house is full of superheroes!

Batman and Batgirl! I'm sure that I don't have that many years left where they will coordinate, so I took advantage and matched Olivia to Preston after he picked his costume!

My little Batgirl!

I mean seriously, how cute is her costume!

She thought her costume was so fun.  Made it a little hard to get her to sit up and smile for me!

My Mom headed over and Olivia showed off her costume.

Then we all headed over to Preston's school.  The whole school gets to put on a costume parade and family and friends are invited to watch.  Preston was so excited to show off his costume!

After the parade and saying our good-byes to Grandma, Olivia and I headed to Preston's classroom for his Halloween party! 

Olivia couldn't hang.  Poor tired baby.

Preston and his kinderbuddy!

One last story before class gets out.

Once we got home, I made it my mission to get a photo of my two Batkids together!

I got this one!  Mission accomplished!

Then I bribed Batman to pose for me!

Batgirl posed a little more for me.  Mostly because she can't get away from me just yet.

Preston's reward for letting me take pictures of him as Batman was that he could put on his ninja mask and I'd take a picture of him as a ninja.  I picked him up the ninja sword and mask for like not even five dollars a day or two ago and he is obsessed.  Like where he wanted to trade his costume and be a ninja.  I objected since he HAD to have that specific Batman costume and I had to search high and low to find it and then order it online and pay shipping so that he could be Batman.  Kids man.

Ninja Preston!

Our "Bat" family!

We met up with our favorite friends to do some trick or treating!  It's always more fun when Preston has friends he can run to the door with!

Obviously Olivia was super thrilled.

A church near Zack and Ryan's house puts on a Halloween carnival so we ended up there to play for a while.

Check these two superheroes out!

Preston took cookie decorating very seriously.  It's kind of how I take cookie eating very seriously.

Then before we headed back out to do more trick or treating there were sack races!

Me and Kelly!

Brad and Preston!

Back to trick or treating!

This total creeper came up to use as we were trying to take a picture and tried to get in Preston's face to scare him.  Which ended with him getting my hand in his face.  Seriously older kids, trick or treating on Halloween is about the younger kids!  And if you want to trick or treat anyways just don't be jerks about it!

Me and my boy!

I heart these boys!

Not everyone loves trick or treating apparently.  But really just turn your porch light off!

Preston loved this giant spider! 

Liv spent most of trick or treating sleeping.  She was such a trooper!   

How the night ended!

I hope everyone else had as much fun on Halloween as we did!

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