Saturday, April 26, 2014

Game Two

Game two started a little rough for us.

Not the actual game part. Just everything leading up to it.

We had dropped my car off to get new tires and headed to my parents house to hang out. Plus my Mom had graciously offered to let us borrow her car while mine got everything done. Preston got busy playing with Mason and was not very cooperative when we were trying to get him dressed and ready for soccer. So we left late. And then got to the game late.

It had us all a little out of sorts.

Luckily Preston recovered fast!

The Green Machines played another great game!

Not that I was keeping score. But if I was, we killed them. We won eleven to two!

Preston had a goal/assist too! He was pretty dang excited!

Lack of pictures and the fact that these two are kind of crap is a result of me leaving my big girl camera at home. I'm telling you the whole morning was a little off for us.

This season is off to such an awesome start for the team!

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