Thursday, December 26, 2013


We went to the movies!

Brad and I had been wanting to see Frozen. I mean Preston had been wanting to see Frozen. Ahem. The plan was to go to the movies for Mason's birthday and once we found out that Brad would be home we switched movies from Walking With Dinosaurs to Frozen. Because let's be real, it was an easy choice!

These boys were excited!

As was Olivia for her first movie!

Brad thought it was so fun that I was taking pictures in the movie!  Nothing had even started yet.  Okay the movie hadn't started.  But the previews might have.  Pssssh.

Olivia did so awesome at her first movie!  She watched the first few minutes.  Then fell asleep for the entire middle.  Woke up and nursed and watched the ending.  It was such a perfect first movie for my little girl!

The songs are totally stuck in my head!  I cannot wait to own it!  It was that good!

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