Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighbors organize a flashlight Easter Egg Hunt at a park near us and invited us to come along! We were so excited! An egg hunt in the dark? How could that not be fun? Way more exciting than your typical egg hunt!

We thought there would be a handful of kids.  We thought wrong!

There were at least twenty kids and there had to be thousands of eggs.  It was chaos of the best kind.

Preston could not wait to get started.  It didn't help that for the first time ever in my life we were early.  This is why it's almost always better to be late people!  Ha!

Since he was on the age cusp, Preston got free reign of the whole park and could pick where he wanted to hunt.  Guess which side he chose when offered the choice between the little kid side and the big kid side?

The big kid side of course.

It was darker.  And more "wooded area" than park.  It was harder.

Preston loved it!

He was all over the place finding eggs.  We and some of the other parents helped him a little bit but he did awesome!

Poor Olivia.  She just got to watch and wear long sleeves and two coats and a hat.  Sometimes it really isn't all the fun being little.  She was pretty cute for a little girl who didn't get to play.

I did set Olivia down one time.  One time.  She found a little purple egg.  Carried that dang thing around the entire egg hunt.  Little sister wanted to play too!  At the very end Brad opened her egg up for her.  She got the money egg!  Not even kidding.  Five dollars inside.  Everyone was hunting for that egg and Olivia had it the entire time.  Way to go baby girl!

My littles!

The fam!

We got home well after dark.  Preston was all full of energy with the excitement of the Easter Egg hunt and all the candy.  Olivia even tried to sneak some too.

We cannot wait for next year!

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