Saturday, April 19, 2014

First Spring Soccer Game

Soccer is back!

Preston has been asking since we told him practice was starting back up when his first game was. That's weeks! He was that excited!

So when we told him that today was the day of his first game he was ready!

It was just a matter of getting everyone ready and out the door!  Ha!

Brad and Livi were ready to watch!

The Green Machines played such an awesome game!  I was so proud of each of them!  They were such a team and worked so well together!  It was crazy to see how far they've come from when we first started!  They pass the ball, they call for the ball, they play like a team!  It's very impressive! 

Olivia looked pretty cute too!

Preston played so awesome!!  It was so much fun to watch him play!  Knowing how excited he was!  And then seeing him racing around on the field! 

Poor little sister isn't big enough to play yet.  She had to settle for watching from the sidelines.  And flying with Grandpa.

Back on the field, the Green Machines were scoring some serious goals!  They were kicking that ball and taking names!  See what I did there?  I know, I'm so lame. 

The Green Machines won! Six to two!

My little soccer player!

The Green Machines!  The first game was a fundraiser and if the team raised enough money the coaches painted their toes blue and played the game barefoot so everyone could see!  We raised enough!  Good thing it was warm out!

I can't wait for the rest of the season!

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