Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Park Visit Of The Spring

The sun was shining.  It was beautiful out.  We couldn't resist, we met friends at the park!

Our first park visit of the year! 

Olivia hasn't really had the chance to explore the park being that she was just a teeny tiny little baby last year.  Oh my heart at how big she is already.  But after a few minutes of taking it all in, she was off to explore a little.

Do you see the bow in her hair?  Gah!  I love that she has just enough hair for a bow!  It's so cute it hurts!

Ryan headed over to check out what Olivia was up to.

Even Preston stopped all of his adventuring to come over and take a picture!  My little loves at the park!

After a little bit she wasn't so timid and was having fun with the fact that she was at the park and on the ground and all of the things she was finding!  I'm sure the sun didn't hurt either!

Olivia had a big day, her first time exploring at the park AND her first time on the swings! 

In true Olivia fashion she was a little hesitant and timid at first but a couple swings in she was having a blast!  She loved the swings!  I love her little hands holding on!

Preston rode the swings for the first time at this park too!  I love that!

The big boys.

I literally had to threaten Preston that we would leave if he didn't stop to let me take a picture.  Six is a busy age.  He's either all about having me take his picture or absolutely too busy for it.  No in between.

I'm so excited for more park visits!

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