Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

We changed things up this year for Easter.  The last three years we have spent the day in Seattle with my Jen and Madison, but this year with Brad's new job and Olivia being little and Easter always being on a Sunday we opted to stay home and head over to my Aunt and Uncle's house this go around.

It was a lot of fun!

Gifts from me and Brad to the kids.

My family tradition growing up was that the Easter Bunny hid your basket. 

Preston's hidden basket!

Olivia's a lot less hidden basket!

The Easter Bunny had hidden some plastic eggs around inside the house.  Olivia may have been tired but she had some fun finding them.

The kids were both pretty excited about their gifts from me and Brad!

Preston was on the hunt for his basket!  He looked all over the place!  Until finally he found it!

Time to enjoy all of our Easter goodies!

After finding our baskets, the eggs hidden around the house, and playing with new toys we all got dressed and headed to church with my parents!

Then off to my Aunt and Uncle's house to celebrate Easter! 

The trampoline might have been a big hit! 

Even Uncle Tony got in on the fun with Preston!

Little Miss in her pretty dress!

Before long it was time for the Easter egg hunt!  The highlight of the day for the kids!  It was serious business for the boys!  They raced all over the yard finding all of the eggs and filling and overfilling their baskets.  Olivia was excited to just be outside!

After finding all of the eggs Preston, Trey, and Alyse played crack the egg on the trampoline!

The whole group!  It was a full house!

My pretty girl!

My Dad and two of his brothers!

Silly girl liked Auntie Sheli's sunglasses.  So Auntie Sheli let her wear them!

Daddy's little girl!  I just love when she holds onto our fingers and takes us for a walk!

Preston played some bocce ball with Grandpa!

My little family!

We roasted some marshmallows.  Marshmallow peeps even.  Made some s'mores.  Then headed home.  Where Olivia was somehow still not tired and wanted to play more!

Happy Easter to you and yours!  Hope your day was special!

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