Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

It's Christmas!

Somebody was super tired.  He just kept sleeping.  And sleeping.

So we entertained the baby in bed.  While we waited until he finally woke up!

Mandatory photos in their Christmas jammies in front of the tree before things got messy!

Olivia got a baby!

Preston got the Iron Spiderman!

Then they both got down to business on their presents from Santa!

Preston stopped to help Olivia open some gifts.  It was adorable.

I seriously loved the responses they both had as they opened their gifts.  Olivia would stare at her new toys.  Preston's face would light up!  And he would exclaim loudly!

Olivia got very into the wrapping paper.  We had to watch her to make sure she didn't eat anything she wasn't supposed to!

Preston got this toy for Christmas too.  I liked watching Olivia watch open and get excited about it too!

Every single thing that Preston opened was just so exciting to him!  I loved watching the faces he'd make when he pulled back just enough wrapping paper to see what was inside!

Oh look she found another bow to eat.

As excited as Olivia was about the bows, Preston was about all of the Halo stuff!

Sophie should help with the teething!

Happy girl on Christmas!

Daddy's turn!

Someone started to get tired!  It's exhausting being a baby on Christmas.  There is so much going on!

She rebounded!

Preston had opened all of his gifts and was getting down to trying to pry them out of all of their packaging!

I got a turn to open some of my gifts!

Olivia was really loving all of her girly presents!  I love that we really will have girl stuff mixed in with all the boy stuff now.

We showered and cleaned up the living room a bit before we got dressed and headed to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with family!

Also more presents.  From Auntie Jessie and Mason!

Saying his thank you's!

We brought Mason's presents from us too!  He was so excited!  Auntie Kim got him Mike-y!  The only turtle he hadn't already opened on Christmas.

Olivia loved her present.  Really she did.  She just also really loved the wrapping paper.


The actual photo.

He comes by it naturally obviously.  Gets it from his Grandpa.

As does my sister.  It looks like it runs in the family.

Mason and his people!

Marrissa.  And her one piece jammies!

My little family.  Our first Christmas as a family of four!

An attempt at a photo of the cousins.  It went...well.

The ladies!

This one cracks me up.  In my head Marrissa is like Olivia you are stealing my thunder.  And Olivia is like don't be jealous.  Ha!

I just LOVE this one!

Oh look.  Another one.  Last one I promise!

Getting into the gifts!

We had a surprise visitor.  The boys could hear him landing on the roof.

Santa arrived!

The picture kind of says it all.  Mason was enthused.  Preston was skeptical.  I think it's probably the last year Santa makes an appearance at my parents house.  Preston asked Brad and me where Grandpa was and if Grandpa was in the Santa suit.  That kid.  Too smart at six.

Mason hopped right up on Santa's lap.

Preston took a turn too!  After we convinced him to stop looking for Grandpa.  He was going to the bathroom.  Jeez!

Olivia hopped up on Santa's lap too.  Or was put there.  She's not really hopping yet.

She wasn't as sure as everyone else.  But there were no tears.

Hanging out with Grandma!

We all went home from Christmas exhausted. Exhausted from a busy and fantastic Christmas! Couldn't have asked for more for our little family!

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