Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Breaking Out

Spring break means our whole schedule is thrown off and none of us were handling it all that well.  So we broke out of our house and headed to the school to play.  Headed to the school.  On spring break.  We are so awesome. 

There was no one there.  Which meant we had the playground all to ourselves.  Woot woot. 

Preston was an awesome big brother and took Olivia down the slide. 

Of course then Olivia found out the hard way it sucks a little to be the smaller one when Preston climbed the slide right in front of her.  The nerve. 

Of course then he also had her follow him through the rocks. 

Until she discovered how much fun the rocks were.  And I was forced to dig them out of her mouth every two seconds even though I was watching her like a hawk.  Babies.

More fun on the slide!

Preston did the swinging monkey bars.  Like a pro!

Then we did some swinging. 

Or spinning on the swing in Preston's case.

Somehow we all left the school to continue an afternoon of Spring Break in a much better mood! 

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