Sunday, March 16, 2014

We Go To Portland

Marrissa had a cheer competition in Vancouver so we decided to head that way to watch!  I wanted to see her perform and we got a little family vacation out of it.  Win win!

We decided to head up after Preston got out of school and pick up Brad from work along the way.  The plan being that the kids would sleep along the way.  The plan being that.  That's now what happened.  Not even a little.  Olivia would not sleep.  Like would not.  She slept during the two hour drive to get Brad.  Then we stopped and she got to get out and race around for over an hour and we hopped back in the car.  She was done.  I ended up in the back seat for most of the drive.  Except when she was hanging out in the front seat with me during one of our many many stops.  Like the one where she spilled my Dr Pepper all over the front of the car.  Good times.  We finally threw in the towel and booked our hotel room for the night when no matter what I did she wouldn't stop screaming.  Poor clerk could barely hear me over her.  Go figure she passed out a few minutes later.  Around midnight.  Worst drive ever!

The good news?  Our hotel was right by the outlet mall I wanted to check out but wasn't sure if we'd have the time!  The better news?  Gap was having their friends and family sale plus a huge sale all over the store, I got everything 80% off!

And Preston got himself a hat just like Daddy's from Vans!  How stinkin' cute is he!

After some shopping we made our way to the zoo!

Olivia was ready!

Preston couldn't get us in fast enough!  Poor kid had to wait while we changed clothes and diapers and loaded one million things into the stroller and then Brad tried to figure out how to pay for parking and then I did pay for parking.  It was time!

It was worth it, we loved the zoo!

Preston had certain animals that he wanted to see the most.  So we made a game plan to make sure we didn't miss them!

But first the sea otters and the polar bears!  The polar bears are always one of my favorites.

The kids were both totally fascinated with this huge fish.

 My little monkey!

The lions were one of the animals we were most excited to see!  They had cubs which makes them even more exciting!

But first Preston wanted to climb on the statue!

The lions were all just hanging out on top of the rocks together.  We decided to call it pride rock.  Because we're awesome like that!

But the whole reason we went to the zoo.  The main reason that we decided to attend this cheer competition of Marrissa's over all the other ones.  The cheetahs!

Preston's current favorite animal is the cheetah.  He talks about them ALL the time.  Can't get enough.  We had to go see one!

Preston was so excited when we got to them.  It would have been more exciting had they been up and running around but hey a cheetah is a cheetah!

I wanted a photo of the two of them.  I got this.  That baby.  LOL.

Still she won't sit!

We checked out a few more exhibits before passing the lions again on our way to the next area of the zoo!

Olivia loved the hippos!  I think they were her favorite part of the zoo!  She would yell and scream each time I tried to pull her away.  Preston funny enough loved them as well when he was little! 

I convinced my people to climb into a photo booth with me and take a photo.  I was so dang excited.  The photo was so cute too.  Right up until we lost it.  I put it on top of the stroller folded into part of the sunshade.  And then pulled it down and didn't think about it until we had really moved along.  I backtracked for it and everything.  It was just gone.  Much like our trip to the zoo.  I did convince them to hop in one more before leaving the zoo.  Just didn't love them as much. Life goes on.

I did love the people I was at the zoo with so it's all good!

Preston's next favorite stop at the zoo was of course the cougars!  What can I say Preston loves him some cats.  I love that the cougar was up and moving.  He was walking the perimeter of his habitat and would stop every once in a while to give us the stare down. 

We stopped on our walk out of the zoo and saw the beaver and the eagles. 

And have the kids climb in a nest.

Then off to the hotel.  In rush hour traffic.  We almost didn't survive.

We might have over packed.  Just maybe though.  

We spent our first night settling in and shopping at Ikea.  Woop!  Then having a late dinner of Mexican food.

And sleeping.  Preston likes to snuggle!

The next morning we got up and headed to the two story Target.  Major letdown.  Then me and Olivia headed to Marrissa's cheer competition.  While Brad and Preston headed to the Lego store right by the competition.  The plan originally had been for all of us to go.  But at seventeen dollars a ticket per person it wasn't going to happen!

So just Liv and I popped in. 

It ended up working out for everyone since I had to call Brad like five times to get him to come pick us up when Riss was done!  My boys and those legos.

After Marrissa's cheer team won first we headed back to the hotel.  So that Olivia could eat my shoe.  Take a few photos.   It was all very exciting.

It really did get exciting when we headed down to do some swimming!  Olivia's first time in a pool!  Preston loves swimming and it looks like Olivia takes after her big brother!  We swam until everyone was nice and pruney and then got dressed and headed over to the mall for some shopping!

Umm so Preston I don't think that's your stroller.  It's a rough life he's leading!

While Preston passed right out in the hotel room.  Olivia fought sleep.  I ended up putting her in her car seat and rocking her on the bed one night to get her to fall asleep and falling asleep next to her the next after hours of fighting.  It's a good thing she's so cute when she sleeps.  And when she wakes up.

We showered and loaded up everything the next morning and got ready to head back home.  It was quite the process.  We had to drive back to Marrissa's cheer competition to load more stuff into the truck when we ran back out of room.  Then the opposite direction into Portland to pick up lunch.  Then finally we were on the road.  Long enough for Olivia to pass out and not long enough before we hit Multnomah Falls and we were stopping to get out and walk around.

I wanted to hike up to the bridge and take photos but a rock had knocked a portion of the bridge down and it was blocked off for safety reasons.  Not that it mattered all that much to Preston, he was beyond excited to see the waterfall and up close!  The perfect stop for my waterfall loving boy!

The ride home went a lot smoother than the ride there.  Thank goodness!  It took forever and a day but that wasn't all that surprising.  One day road trips will be a quick smooth ride.  Today is not that day.

Preston did love the pit stop at the truck stop with the arcade.  His Daddy's boy!

We survived our first family vacation as a family of four!  Even better we had fun!

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