Saturday, March 8, 2014

Photos With My iPhone Week 39


She loves looking at Monti through the door!
Preston got to go snowmobiling with Brad for the first time ever last night.  He was sooooo excited.  And had so much fun!  They even went across a frozen lake!  He was also so cold when he came back.  And either had snow or something fly up to hit his face while they were out so he came back with battle wounds.  I'm told he refused to sit behind Brad because he wanted to see all the things!
Not hers.  She doesn't care!
Snowy walk to the gas get milkshakes.  And gas to clean the snow up.  But mostly milkshakes.
My boys!


Such a little lady, even sleeps with her ankles crossed!  Also Christmas jammies!


Doing some reading!

Until next week!

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